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The devourer (O devorador in Brazilian Portuguese) is a Brazilian horror creepypasta created on the internet. The story speaks about a demonic being that when it is invoked, brutally assassinates the person and the family of who invoked it.

The devourer, as this entity is known, is the titular main antagonist of creepypasta with the same name: The devourer.

The story goes that he was a member of a satanic sect, that one day happened to eat small animals and one day, moved by its glutton that satisfied it, devoured its own wife, soon devoured its parents and it killed all his family to devours Them and even came to devour himself to satisfy his hunger unassailable.

Satisfied with the greed of the servant, the devil resolved to reconcile him, turning him into a demon, in which the power is to torment his victims with gain so that in the end, devours them.

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