Ricardo Montana is Anti-Christ and main antagonist from Brazilian biblical telenovela Apocalipse. He has portrayed by the brazillian actor Sergio Marone.



Anti-Christ's dark spirit became incarnated in human baby called Ricado Montana inside from Débora Koehg's belly. Same child, Ricardo already show his evil personality as destroying flowers with the golf club, try kill Gloria and very selfish. Always advised by Stefano Nicolazzi,

Supreme LeaderEdit

After the Rapture, Ricardo received the title from supreme leader. Is sign that the Lamb opened first seal where a white horse appears and his horseman came to conquering and conquer.

When the Lamb opened second seal where a horseman with his red horse take peace from the earth, Ricardo secretly orchestrates the third world war benefiting terrorists and dictatorial governments by worldwide with public funds in his bank called Banca di Cavaliere.

As Apocalypse BeastEdit

His DemiseEdit



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