Regina Junqueira is the main antagonist of the 2015-2016 brazilian juvenil telenovela Cumplices de um resgate, a remake of the original 2001 mexican telenovela Cómplices al rescate.

She has portrayed by Maria Pinna.

Role in the history[edit | edit source]

12 years before the reunion of the twins Manuela and Isabela, Regina was caused with a millionaire called Orlando Junqueira. And to maintain the marriage and thus be able to stay with the inheritance in the future, Regina invented a false pregnancy and concocted a plan with her brother Geraldo Saldanha so that he obtains a false newborn daughter. Meanwhile, in the dream village, a young woman named Rebecca was pregnant with twins after being abandoned by her fiancé, Mauricio. When her daughters were born, the doctor, who already had a deal with Geraldo, took one of the children without her mother's knowledge and took her away. He also threatened the nurse, who in case she told him anything about the other daughter, her days would be numbered. Unable to speak, the nurse had to leave the village, and Rebecca did not know of her other daughter.

Personality[edit | edit source]

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