Leila Melo Rodriguez, also knows Leila, is a major villainess in the 2013/2014 brazilian telenovela Amor a vida. She always wanted to get everything easier and more enjoyable. She made friends with Nicole, a cancer-stricken girl, and began a relationship with her boyfriend, Thales, so he could deal a blow and pluck his money. In addition, it was also responsible for her death, which ended up dying on the day of her own marriage when she discovered that the groom betrayed her.


Trivia Edit

  • She and the villainess Carmen Godinho, from ímperio are very similiar:
    • Both were scammers, ambitious and manipulative, who manipulated their partners to strike. (Tales and Orville respectively).
    • Both were arsonists who died burned victims of their own fires.
    • They both abused a person with mental problems. (Linda and Domingos Salvador respectively)
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