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Leila Melo Rodriguez is a major villainess in the TV Globo's telenovela Amor à vida. She always wanted to get everything easier and more enjoyable. She made friends with Nicole, a cancer-stricken girl, and began a relationship with her boyfriend, Thales, so he could deal a blow and pluck his money. In addition, it was also responsible for her death, which ended up dying on the day of her own marriage when she discovered that the groom betrayed her.

She is portrayed by Fernanda Machado.



  • She and the villainess Carmen Godinho, from Imperio, are very similiar:
    • Both were scammers, ambitious and manipulative, who manipulated their partners to strike. (Tales and Orville respectively).
      • Leila gave a coup in Nichole, stoling her house and place, using for this, her lover and Nichole's fiance, Thales; Carmen did the same: gave a coup in Juju Popular, also stoling her house and using her lover and Juju's husband, Orvile, to this.
      • Both Orvile and Thales redeem themselves and turn against their lovers, with remorse for have betrayed they spouses.
      • The difference is that Nichole was dying and died in the process, unlike Juju.
    • Both were arsonists that died burned victims of their own fires.
    • They both abused a person with mental problems. (Linda and Domingos Salvador respectively)
    • Other major difference between the two is the socio-economic position: Carmen was a wealthy attorney, while Leila was poor.
  • She is the second villain from brazillian telenovela to be rejected by Villains Wiki as a Pure Evil villain, after having been proposed and approved earlier, until she had her removal proposed and approved, with Bruna Ferraz, from Haja Coração, being the first brazillian soap opera villain rejected just when was proposed.
    • Had been rejected as a Pure Evil villain, Leila was approved as Near Pure Evil (Borderline Complete Monster), along with Aline Noronha also from Amor à Vida, being the two the first villains from brazillian soap opera to be officially approved as NPE at the Near Pure Evil Wiki.

What Makes Her Near to be a Complete Monster?[]

  • Corrupted Thales and along with him, tricked Nicole, who was sick with cancer, only to discover the truth on her wedding day and pass away, and Leila does not feel the slightest remorse for causing this and is more concerned with getting it all that was hers, almost as if he had purposely killed her. Thaler, for other hand, loved Nicolle genuinely, and redeemed himself in the end, against Leila.
  • Although she is in love with Thales, it is not about genuine love, just pervesion, obsession, carnal passion, or even a way to get rich. Thales made it clear that what existed between him and Leila was nothing but sex and carnality. The love she feels for him is a vulgar, not genuine love. It is questionable whether a person like Leila is capable of genuinely loving someone, although she can love in a carnal and sexual way. Furthermore, would she stay with Thales and love him even if he got poor for the rest of her life? Certainly her hatred of poverty and love of money would speak louder, this based in the personality that she showed throughout her plot. A love is only genuine when the other is willing to do something for the good of that person who claims to love without thinking about himself.
  • She mistreats her autistic sister Linda and totally disparages the family, just because they are not rich.
  • After the housekeeper's daughter, Natasha, emerged as Nicole's furtuna's new heiress, Leila sets up a plan that would culminate in her death.
  • In order to get revenge on lawyer Rafael, for helping Natasha revoke Nicole's will, Leila takes her mother, Neide, who did not see Rafael's relationship with Linda as "appropriate", to catch a kiss between the two and, together with his mother, he managed to put him in jail for seducing the incapacitated. The "concern" that she shows for her sister that she was "seduced by an incapacitated" was just an excuse to get back at Rafael, since clearly she never cared about Linda. She confesses this to her mother shortly after the two of them denounce Rafael, saying that she hates Linda, that the internship if she had money and that she only went to denounce Rafael to get revenge on him.
  • Even though she inherited some of Nicole’s jewelry, she wasn’t content, she invades Nicole's house, attacks Natasha by hitting her on the head with a baton and sets the mansion on fire for kill her.

What prevents her to be in the category?[]

  • She fails the heinous standard on Amor à Vida, with villains who are as henious as her or more than her, like Felix, Alejandra, Aline or Glauce.

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