Cristina Saboya is the main antagonist of the 2006 telenovela Alma gêmea. She was a jealous and envious woman who was envious of her cousin Luna, for several reasons, among them, the inheritance of the Ávilla family that went to the cousin instead of going to her and especially that Rafael, the protagonist of the plot, have fallen in love By Luna instead of having fallen in love with her.

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Role in the histoy Edit

In the 1920s, in a town in the interior of São Paulo, there was a man named Rafael, who fell in love at first sight with a beautiful girl named Luna. However, Cristina's cousin, her cousin, felt a deep sense of envy, for Luna was rich, she won the love of Rafael, whom Cristina always wished, and to complete, inherited from her grandmother the jewels that should have belonged to them. This made Cristina, deeply moved by envy, be able to send Guto to kill and rob the jewels of her own cousin, so that she could take from it the jewels and the love of Raphael. And that's where the whole story really begins. When leaving a spectacle, the girl is assaulted by Guto who demands the jewels and in an attempt to save Rafael, she ends up being shot and dies. After the death of the cousin, the villainess married with Rafael and had to create the son that he had with Luna. But man never showed love for her. And she spends the next 20 years in deep suffering, living an unhappy marriage to Christina and feeling a deep longing for her beloved Luna. Meanwhile, in an Amazonian Indian tribe, the young Luna reincarnates as a half-breed Indian, the daughter of an Indian woman with a white man named Serena.

Contrary to what many think, Christina did not die burned and yes, she was taken to hell by a demon through the mirror.

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