• NO REAL LIFE villains, please!
  • Now, for any villain be placed in the "Complete Monster" or "Pure Evil" category by any user other than me, Caio202, the ADM and founder of this wiki, it must be proposed by the user in question in blog posts or polls in Discuss add, so reading the proposal, I'll see if the villain has the potential to fit in or not. The criteria: "who is the villain and what it did?, Henious Standart, Has some redeming qualities or freudian excuse?" It will not be necessary to give your verdict in the proposal and it is preferable that you describe the work, but this is not mandatory. The same is valid to Complete Monster/Pure Evil removal proposals and removing villains from the category.

Note: If you are brazillian, you don't need to make the propose in english and can write it in portuguese.

  • Another warning about the Pure Evil category: I have noticed that many have added this category to villains who are anti-villains. Considering that "Pure Evil" has the same meaning as Complete Monster, it should be noted that, by the criteria of the category, it is impossible to be anti-villain and pure evil at the same time. A villain who is pure evil, or Complete Monster, is called in these ways precisely because he does not have an ounce of good qualities or that can be considered heroic in some way (what is called "redeeming qualities"). So, I don't know what the users who did this mean by "Pure Evil", but I hope it has become clear that it is the same as "Complete Monster" and that a villain cannot qualify if he has any (true) characteristics that cannot considered evil, including being redeemed and genuinely loving someone. When organizing the categories, I will merge Complete Monster with Pure Evil and it will no longer be allowed to add any of the categories in isolation.
  • Only BRAZILLIAN villains, since the title of this wiki is "Brazil villains wiki". This means that articles of villains or antagonists from cultures other than Brazilian will no longer be allowed, this includes villains from european or african portuguese culture and villains from Spanish culture, such as those from Mexican soap operas.
  • Read the category pages whenever you add them to an article.
  • Creation of a new category by users is allowed, but the user in question should add a descripition on category page. Avoid creating categories equivalent to existing ones, like Egoists (Egotist); Female Villains/Female villains/Female/Villainess.

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